Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Reasons

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No matter how evil the kleptocracy's reasons for kidnapping the young for choreographed indoctrination, good things can still, can also, come of it. For example, the orthodox Jew may meet a radical Catholic, actually come to see another viewpoint. The girl trained to keep her legs crossed may meet the guy who makes her knees buckle. Some of this is "accident": God is not mocked: it doesn't matter what we humans try, life, the universe, will have a still later word. I mention it because individual choice may come into play: you hate the history class? Good, you have a right to; but: open your eyes occasionally anyway: you may encounter something you wind up loving. I hated grammar in school, but wound up loving linguistics in graduate school.

I never would have loved it taught by the school board, but I adored it taught by scholars: and I wouldn't likely know it had I not been "forced" (by the desire to teach college).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

R Subvert Independence

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Humans beings spread over the earth looking for resources: for food, for shelter, for a place with fewer enemies. Humans are born dependent: it's the parents' (and the group's) responsibility to train the kid to find resources on its own: as fast as possible: the parents, the group, never know when the earthquake is going to get them, or the lion, or the cold: maybe the kid will survive, maybe humankind will continue: the kid must learn, learn lots, learn well, learn fast.

Good. I'm all for learning. But are schools good for learning? Do schools teach the kid to find food? fast? well? Or do schools keep the kid from learning what roots are edible? what's under that girl's breechcloth? Don't the schools schedule what's taught and what's learned without having any idea when the earthquake is coming? where the lion is? Don't schools prevent parents and small groups from training their children? Isn't a school the state as kidnapper revealed?

Oh? But who's it for then? Why would parents and small groups let themselves be raped like that? Good question: but the super-groups, the major interest holders, the Fortune 500 ... control the magicians who false deal everybody.

The school doesn't train the child to find food but to conform, to wait till the school bell rings, to wait till the factory whistle sounds, to wait till some bureaucrat tells her what to do, to wait till Pavlov's bell steals his independence.

Monday, January 11, 2010


The purpose of state-run education is to flush scholars from the schools and replace them with bureaucrats, rendering knowledge difficult to impossible.

Let me flesh that out a tad further: The purpose of state-run education is to flush scholars, scientists, artists, teachers (most with a touch of bureaucrat to them) from the schools and replace them with bureaucrats (some with a taint of scholar, scientist, artist to them), rendering knowledge difficult to impossible but in all cases (or almost all): controllable!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


(Not from / posted directed to this blog:)

Rulers guide the public to believe that the experts are there because they know best; actually the experts are there to train the public to sit passively while mumbo jumbo trumps sense.

The purpose of school is to accustom the future consumers to passively accept the services of experts: and, I repeat, the purpose of experts to to train the passive consumers, the obediant workers, to allow mumbo jumbo to trump sense.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Myth Displaces Experience

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Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling
(Reverse Engineering Society's Purpose for Education)

Myth Displaces Experience

Science depends on evidence, culture depends on myth. Politics can be depended upon to use coercion to introduce new myths and to empower them over experience. One king will drive his culture into seeing that their nearly flat earth has become curved; but most kings will drive their culture into insisting that the curved earth is flat.

Authorities are typically retrograde.

In the contemporary world, Nazi-run since the early industrial revolution, all hoi poloi must attend ritual "learning" sessions called school. In the United States we repeat to the children, more often than the magician insists that his trick deck is "an ordinary deck of playing cards," that the children — penned there by law, by gun, by jail — have free speech. At no point do the children, or the parents, or their journalists, get to visit the jails, full of the censored, the falsely-accused, the kangaroo-convicted. The first guy I talked to in federal prison said he was there so he couldn't publish a sequel to his I Know Who Shot JFK.

If I say "I've been censored," the schooled don't ask where they could find evidence; they correct me: with their imposed myth of liberty and justice for all.

Even the scientists know that, if they want their government handouts to continue, they'll find the evidence for their experiments in government-kept terrariums of Potemkin information.

Friday, January 08, 2010


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Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling
(Reverse Engineering Society's Purpose for Education)

School as Halter

The horseman prepares the young horse for work (such as carrying a rider) by confining the horse to a pen with the trainer. Gradually most candidate horses will accept the presence of the trainer (most are born to captivity anyway), then the horse accepts a halter, then a blanket, then a saddle, then a bit ... Once the trainer mounts the horse to finish "breaking" it, most horses comply after only a little protest kicking. Those that don't are sent to the glue factory, not put on welfare. Schools do the same for young kleptocrats.

Sure some skills are offered, some actually learned, in part, by some: math, grammar, history ... football, typing ... But always, as background, so familiar as to be as invisible as water to a fish, the young kleptocrat is trained in the kleptocracy's justifications for its brand of kleptocracy: It was right of us Jews to take Canaan from the Canaanites, Because .... God loves us, not them ...

Reasons: Myth will continue to develop that reason further: then I'll resurrect the bulk of's forty-year long list of additions to Illich's quorum of reasons kleptocracies compel the young to consume schooling.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Monopolize, Homogenize

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Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling:
Monopolize Time
While Homogenizing the Population

Modern schools monopolize the population's time and attention from early (early enough for children to be utterly impressionable) to the very borderline of adulthood (where habits of thought have already been formed).

If the schools were conversant with good habits of thought and tried to pass them along, that might be a good thing, but developing healthy minds is the opposite of the schools' true purpose: monopolize time while homogenizing the population. The most successfully homogenized, honor students, are sent onto universities which continue the processing. My Academic Bestiary of examples of school atrocities [reassmebled here] narrates the case of my fourth grade teacher pointedly avoiding thanking me for the cookies I'd baked for the class. She attributed the gift to my mother whom she thanked warmly in absentia. She called me a liar when I reasserted the cookies' true provenance (they were mine!) I was convicted without a formal accusation or a trial before my peers (twelve fourth grade boys who baked cookies: how would that be for a jury?)

Might that experience have a little something to do with my never having been an honor student? not in high school, not before, not at Columbia, not in graduate school? The same zoo reports the school's response to my challenge to the high school geometry teacher's axioms as being neither Euclidean nor improved: zero: note she just repeated the axioms. My challenge wasn't passed on to her supervisors, to the school board. No board of mathematicians met to review her text's axioms or my charges against them. How can such a charade pass for "education"? It's simple. The answer is the same as the answer for so many questions: kleptocracy. Education means whatever the kleptocracy wants it to mean. Geometry means whatever the kleptocracy wants it to mean. Law, order, democracy .. they all mean whatever the kleptocracy wants them to mean. And the school is the pacifier kept stuck in your mouth till you've missed all chances to grow into a man. The honor students, the most homogenized, most pliable, among the mass of castrati, are rewarded to rehearse the lies at Time-Life, at NBC ... Some of them actually keep a corner of themselves intelligent: Bob Costas, Pat Buchanan ... But most are Kennedies and Nixons and have no unpolluted intelligence anywhere: cleverness merely: together with a plentiful lack of principle.


Man: had already repeated Paul Quinnet's title point of his Pavlov's Trout, but it bears repeating here.
We all know how Pavlov rang a bell while dogs were being fed. He then rang the bell and noted that he'd "conditioned" the dogs to salivate at the bell, even when no food was being served: response by association. Fine. How many of us know that the dogs were put on a table and put into a harness? How many of us know that one dog simply wouldn't cooperate? Pavlov could kill it, but he couldn't get it to wear the harness or to "behave" on the table. Paul Quinnett tells this story to "explain" to us why we love to catch fish: "because" the fish is like Pavlov's undomesticated, untamed dog; while we are like the rest of Pavlov's dogs. We are like the cow stupidly walking up the ramp where some guy will smash it in the face with a sledge hammer. Cows are so well "schooled" they need no school. Think of Jesus. We imagine him standing still, cooperating while the soldiers nailed him to the cross. I wish he'd torn himself to pieces, trying to escape.
2009 03 23 I insert a reminder to develop a comparison to "why" we love crime fiction: we know we're tame; we love to imagine heroes who aren't: Ned Kelly, Billy the Kid, Robin Hood ...
PS: I received a bee sting a couple of hours ago, my first in decades. I've suffered very few bee stings in my life. I used to offer to capture the bees in my bare hands so I could release them unharmed out the school window rather than allow the teacher's order that some "boy" kill the bee: eek! The bee never stung me. I was lucky, the bee had fewer than half its wits, it didn't like my smell ... or it sensed (correctly) no harm from me. Indeed, I saved it. Someone sees a bee, not just women, they become agitated, they wave their arms ... What I did, I felt something crawling around in my leg hairs, near my knee: inside thigh. Without thinking or looking, I pawed at it. It was a yellow jacket. It stung me: but good. I didn't blame the bee. I didn't judge the bee. I just killed it Hell, it was going to die anyway, it's stinger ripped by my flesh from its bowels. If I'd let the bee crawl around amid my thigh hairs to its heart content, it never would have stung me. As the Nazi colonel says at the end of Rossellini's Generale della Rovere, "It's my fault." (Hasn't anyone else seen that great movie? I've never heard it mentioned since I saw it back in the 50s.) I don't blame the teachers either. They're just conditioned domesticated animals: cattle so stupid they cooperate in their own slaughter: protecting the kidnappers who feed them. I don't blame even the fourth grade teacher who called me a liar. She was just protecting her prejudices from the truth: something any domesticated dog might do. What I wish is that I had just killed her. No judgment: just escape. Tear yourself apart rather than accept the hook and line. Does the fish think, "Wait a minute: why fight? maybe whatever has hooked me has only good intentions for me. maybe I'll be put in clear water, surrounded by healthy females, no other predators: my own private paradise ... No. The fish is a predator. In a world of predators. Real predators know better than to trust anybody. It's bad enough to trust your mate, or your litter. Sometimes that too backfires. Why trust God? Who knows what kind of a predator he is? Spiders like the black widow are one predator who've safely solved any social needs: they simply kill any bug they can reach: they have to be hypnotized to mate. ... Oh well: it would be very interesting to see what constitutes the biosphere one hundred, one thousand, five thousand years ... from now. How much of it will be domesticated? Will any part of it be human?

I unintentionally for the moment penned a pun above, a profound pun. Gregory Bateson identifies a series of levels of meta-learning as Learning0, Learning1, Learning2 ... [The / Thinking Tools module is to be recreated at my pkTools blog.] A creature operating entirely on what used to be called "instinct" exhibits Learning0 in a pure form. My favorite illustration is one from a science doc, possibly by Sir David Attenborough. The female wasp goes through her routine of preparing her next for egg laying. She clears a path, then the inside of the nest, then goes back up the path to reach the next stage. If a mean scientist puts any kind of debris on the path while she's clearing the nest, she's go back and clean the next again: endlessly, forever: if you keep putting new debris in the path. Instead of going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... What was that, Paul? Of yes, these texts are written by idiots. But that's the school system for you. 6, 7, 8 ... The interrupted insect went 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3 ....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Medium School is the Message

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Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling:
The Medium Is the Message

Marshall McLuhan said it. The public repeated it (without understanding it). Illich analyzed its truth with regard to schools: It doesn't matter what tripe you parrot in school; what matters is that you're there: where you've been told to be: by people (not your parents) who do not have your independence or maturity at heart.

What could be more ironic than a captive audience of young consumers being told by the jailers that they're free, and what they're forced to consume is their free choice in a free market?

I don't challenge father's right to tell his son to get behind the plow or mother's right to tell Sissie to keep her legs crossed; I do challenge the state's right to tell our children anything: let alone where they have to be when told (or how much the force-feeders should be paid) (from public funds!)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Schools Clone the Society

Resurrecting / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Deschool /

Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling
(Reverse Engineering Society's Purpose for Education)

Society's Reproductive Organ

School's Purpose

To Clone Culture

(And Our Culture Is Kleptocratic)

Illich said it. I can't overemphasize it. School is society's reproductive organ. But it's a vegetative process — budding; not sexual reproduction : where different informations mix: to unpredictable results. The results of schools are highly predictable.

The school does not engage in education or learning: it dispenses it. The school isn't a communication system; it's a broadcasting system. It dispenses messages: it doesn't receive them.

What school does wonderfully well is propagate the kleptocracy's basic message to its new cells:
Submit: and you'll be allowed to live.
What Christmas tells children at high volume and on every channel for a month or so before the winter solstice, the school tells children in a never-flagging whisper five days a week for ever more of the children's year:
Submit to absurdity or you'll get at best a minimum share of the kleptocracy's loot.
That minority of children who seem to submit well, regurgitating what's poured into them without choking or carrying on, get a special formula of the message:
Submit to absurdity gladly, submit to it well, and you'll not just be on the dole of the loot, you'll participate in the doling.
Some few not only participate in the dole but get to live in the palace. Truly glad participants, ones who wouldn't dream of giving the game away, may even get to abuse living in the palace. Now that's real success, abusing your position: get blow jobs under the desk, get to bomb poor people in far away countries.

(I don't mean drop the bombs: some loser does that; I mean order the dropping: decide who lives and who dies: in numbers the most insane Caesar never dreamed of. Poor Muslims in Afghanistan don't get no loot. They don't get to live!)

If you still say that Santa brings the loot even after you've caught your parents wrapping the gift, you're well ready for school. If you can remember how to spell "principle" from "principal" because the head administrator of your school is your "princi-pal"; if you can still say that Christians follow Jesus, or that churches serve God, or that government serves the People, or that Democracy is by the People, or that ETS tests intelligence ... by the time you graduate, why then you're ready for ... a life time of ... more of the same.

My graduate school told me what English was; it never heard a thing I said about what English was. But then society in general has never heard a thing I've said back to it.

I would rather fail to live than to abase myself to absurdity.
(I do want to live: just get out of my way and let me do it.)
I also say
There really are great teachers: Ivan Illich, Bucky Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Jared Diamond ... You just don't listen to them
(or to pk, trying his best).

At my HTML controlled the appearance of the data; here, Google rewrites my HTML: drives me crazy.

2011 09 17 I won't bother to rewrite code since all will soon be movd to pKnatz blog: there I'll sweat the code.

Speaking of Cloning:

I wish I could stimulate everyone to see a book, movie, painting I recommend. If I could I'd "make" everyone see Tarkovsky's Solaris. Critic Roger Ebert noted one of the film's astonishing effects: at the end, it's raining. It's been raining throughout the film's scenes on earth. We recognize the house, we learned the house as Kelvin's father's house. It's raining inside the house!
Ah, but Ebert failed to mention: it is not earth, it is not Kelvin's father's house; Solaris has a sentient ocean, the ocean is assimilating ideas from the human cosmonauts. Now Solaris is cloning was it has impressions of. But the planet does not know what it's doing!

Are these clones harmless? Wait and find out; or fight to the death.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Generic Institutional Reasons

Resurrecting / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Deschool /
Institutional Purpose: Generic

All institutions have one prime purpose in common: to discourage the spread of ideas perceived to be incompatible with the perceived health of the institution.

2010 12 21 My censored distinguished theoretical purpose from actual purpose. The institutions' stated purpose is the obverse purpose: the head of the coin. Watch out for magical misdirection: the real purpose may not be the obverse purpose; the real purpose may be the inverse purpose: a hidden purpose. The Church says it's there to receive and transmit messages from God: did they get them all? Did they get them right? When will God declare the truth? Meantime, the gospels suggest that the Temple was there to block God's messages, not to transmit them! The state compels you to go to school, the cost skyrockets. Literacy, numeracy, slides down the toilet. Is the school really there to help you? Or have inverse purposes given the raspberry to the obverse purpose of the institution?

My contempt for school dates from my being dragged to kindergarten, my deschooling activism dates from 1970. My contempt for all civilized institutions developed in the wake of my deschooling activity. My results are near zero: I've never met a single individual that I judge understands a quorum amount of what Illich said, wrote, and published: or what I've said, written, and offered for publication as his follower-disciple-colleague. The above comment is made about institutions in general: it necessarily applies to schooling as well.

Reverse Engineering the Purpose of Institutions kinds of spread all over the Teaching portion of Who should be surprised how I got arrested, my work censored?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Reverse-Engineering Society's Reasons for School

Resurrecting / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Deschool /

Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory School
Reverse-Engineering School's Purpose

2000 07 22
If you follow the magician's patter you will very likely "see" what the magician wants you to see: that is, the illusion; and not the trick. That is again: you won't see the trick, you will be deceived.

If, in contrast, you want to see the trick and not the illusion, a different kind, a higher level, of seeing and hearing must be practiced.

Government schooling
is the explicit attempt
to coerce people into accepting
their appropriate place in hierarchical, industrial capitalism

Matt Helm

I'll say off the bat that one of school's prime (true) purposes (in harmony with other institutions in any modern kleptocracy — employing coercion: making its life easy via time-proven illusions, and riding under whatever banners fit effectively into the patter of illusion: civilization, order, Christianity, education, equality, democracy ...) is to identify early those who see the trick (and are willing to say so) and to make sure that those individuals have additional obstacles strewn in their way and never advance: way being made for, preferment bestowed on, the least incompetent of the tractable.

No (ahem) democracy will allow a citizen promoted who says aloud, "Uh, if the Athenians murdered Socrates, what makes us latecomers believe that we're fit for self-government?" Or: "Since the US Constitution is half-plagiarism and half-illiberal dilution of the Five Nations' Great Law of Peace, how come we don't pay half-royalites to the Iroquois?"

No Catholic will promote to priest let alone to bishop if he says out loud, "Uh, if man is fallible, is born to original sin, added new sins on top of that, railroading and torturing Jesus, for example, then how come Christians sit still and tolerate secular governments run by humans? Indeed, how can Christians sit still and tolerate a Church run by humans? Why don't we all just sit down, shut up, and wait for God?"

Society gives preference to those
with the most flattering cognitive dissonances:
you don't become president or pope by seeing that the territory
has been taken illegitimately

And no school will make life easy for the young'un who asks the public school English teacher what novels she's written, what their reception was ... or asks the physics teacher what new principles she's theorized. Understand, in a theater, the magician's assistants, ushers, for example, don't have to spot mere hecklers among the ticket-bearers: so long as they seem more belligerent than intelligent. It's the reasonable skeptic who must be exhorted out to the alley way and forced (if necessary) to accept that his ticket is no good: wrong date, no Jews on Friday ... whatever. Oh, and how's this for a reason?
[Punch to the gut!]

The ushers will always outnumber the reasonable skeptics. The kleptocrats act as a pack; the reasonable woman or man, boy or girl, acts in isolation. (Few such boys or girls grow to adulthood: the dumpsters dispose of their corpses: in the extreme case where they didn't just see that their bread could be buttered by just shutting up and agreeing, "Oh, yes the lady in tights is levitating."

Alan Ginsberg wasn't kidding when he howled about the best minds being destroyed by madness: he just didn't list enough of the ways intelligence, imagination, honesty, knowledge, reason ... are flushed from the culture.

Far more than to educate
(whatever that means),
the purpose of school is to indoctrinate:
to civilize a candidate for a particular sect of kleptocracy:
like breaking a horse for a particular rider.
In sum, to domesticate us
for purposes not our own.

Ivan Illich's Deschooling Society first came before the general public in an issue of NYR (c. 1970). At least an issue ot two before that I'd read a piece reverse-engineering school's purpose by Florence Howe and Paul Lauter. Their position was that if you follow the school's magical mis-leads, you'll believe that the schools' purpose is to educate, to prepare citizens for democracy, to train the young in the tools of survival: finding food, building shelter, self- and group-protection ... If so, they continued, the schools are miserable failures by any measure. Yet the schools continue to receive ever larger budgets, ever more personnel, ever more power ... Can the advertised purpose be true? Howe and Lauter proceeded to reverse engineer the school system: what does it actually do? Perhaps its true "purpose" can be deduced not from its claims, but from its accomplishments.

The Illich testament was driven out of print (even as it sold well!), but I've mounted the text online. [See ] I have the text for the Howe and Lauter article and will try to mount it as well.

Meanwhile, my own scribbles on the subject (over and above offering FLEX (1970) as a potentially complete, non-managed, non-censored, free, open, public information clearing house: the first internet!)
have collected in a data base, in scraps of paper here and there, and in a series of HTML files online in one form or another since I've been online regularly (1995) (on this internet). I hope soon to revise and restructure them, relating them to acknowledged lists of basic magicians' tools for illusion: lying, switching trick properties for real ...

[And] broken men are blind to what they should see
Lorenzo Carcaterra

[Society's] offspring,its sick conscience —
a living reminder of all the hidden crimes we commit
when we close ranks to live among each other

The Alienist

I'm afraid that this important section still remains a botch this 12 03 2003: at least compared to what I intend to make of it. Then again, anything at all is infinitely better than nothing. I'm making good progress redocorating the files, making them visually more readable (I hope). I'm itching to spend more effort on content!


Physics Teacher
An honest physics teacher, were there such a thing in school's magical theater of illusion, would have to say, "I'm not a real physicist any more than I'm a real teacher, any more than you're a real student. Now shut up, and let's pretend." (Or, it goes without saying, if you don't keep mum about Santa Claus, and your church, and your government, and your leaders, and your school, and your teacher, then you won't get your unfair share of what this kleptocracy has stolen: (even the further building on the theft being half-by theft!))

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School Reasons Posts Dating

I'm placing the introductory Reasons for School post on January 1st of 2010.

2011 09 16 But now all deschooling materials, from here, from K., are getting moved or recreated and updated at pKnatz blog.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Reasons for School

Recreating / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Deschool /

Reasons for Kleptocracy's Compulsory Schooling
That is to say:
Reverse Engineering School's True Purpose
(Not Swallowing the Reasons Offered by the Managers)

Deschooling Society detailed a host of reasons modern secular societies have compulsory schooling (Ivan Illich, 1970). In 1970 I found his reasons to be as encyclopedic as I could imagine. Since then I've been adding my own reasons as well as expanding on his. Illich's book was published, became a best seller. My offer to actualize what he was proposing received next to no support, only one of my articles was published, what I published online from the 1990s onward got sabotaged and censored following my arrest in 2006. First, then its deschooling spin-off,, listed my "reasons" for schooling (a list very unflattering to kleptocratic civilization). I mean to transfer all that to this InfoAll blog. Additionally I began a data base for such reasons in the mid-1990s. That too must be sorted through. And of course I think of new reasons regularly.

I believe I should first put up all that I can: then edit them down, extract the essence: maybe edit them way-down.

Reasons: Halter, my next post, in another few seconds, will not though begin with's published reasons, but rather with an analogy I hadn't used previously:

But never forget, Ivan Illich and I, Paul Knatz, offered the world a way out: cybernetic community information networks, a public- (not government-) internet. You, the public, didn't pay for the infrastructure (you let your saints starve, as usual, you didn't get it).

Illich and I get sandbagged. He's dead, I soon will be. But we're wrapped in Jesus' arms. (Guess where we'll see "you"!)

First, all institutions have one purpose in common:
To Reproduce the Society!
[See the posts Generic & Clone in particular.]

More titles to follow:Magical Misdirection

Imposing Agendas

Civilized Substitutions


Premature Commitment

Career Fixing

Teacher Dependence

World of Employees

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pk's Law of Conservation: the Part on Promotion

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Promote Compliance

Manage (Homeostatic) Promotions

Hobble Honesty

Klockwork Kulture: School as an Industrial Artifact

Fodder for Kleptocracy

Managed Magic


Public Arrogance

To Condition Belief

Cottom's Useless, Clueless

Confusing Education

Institutional Purpose: Generic

Disestablish the Individual

Confidence Game


Inure to Absurdity

School Purpose: Notes

Bad Software

Majority Delusion

Mold Perception

Monopolize Time

Logical Monte

Obedience School

Postpone Adulthood

Institutional Pretense

Public vs. Private

School Purpose: original intros

Regulating Information

Society's Reproductive Organ

Subvert Language

Warp Minds

War Wagon
Those are modules already written and long posted online, then destroyed with federal censorship of pk. Still to be written are themes gathering for decades now in a data base.