Friday, July 30, 2010 Deschooling Posts

As I remount modules at blogs in the wake of my arrest and censorship, the destruction of all of my domains, of my life, my business ... I have the joy of a loved one reading some of it over my shoulder as it were: and I see how very difficult some of my writing is. Yesterday I compared it to spooning tablespoons of instant coffee directly into your mouth and trying to swallow. Some of that can't be helped: lobster meat is dense, don't expect it to be cotton candy. Some of that can't be helped for other reasons: the modules are scribbled fast, then years pass as other notes get added. The style doesn't always get smoothed.

I fix the fixable as I can, as I see it. The intrinsic density I make no apology for. Blame the truth, blame the universe, blame God.

Some of the density I can try to dilute, maybe. Meantime It's more important to get the messages back online in whatever form. Better instant coffee than no coffee.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hierarchy vs. Conviviality

The personal stories at expressed a common purpose: to illustrate that a convivial society would better fulfill human nature than the hierarchical coercions that kleptocracies have foisted onto us since civilization over-extended everything: from population to agriculture to industry. The term "convivial" is Ivan Illich's. It is the Jesus-inspired context for "deschooling."

This is the common theme of my biographical stories whether of school or church or army or work place.